FAQ Group: Registration & Account

How do I register to bid?

To register on the John Pye website so that you can bid and win with us you will need to fill in our online registration form and accept our terms and conditions.
The registration page can  be found here –  https://www.johnpyeauctions.co.uk/registration.asp.

Will I need to verify my details?

When we have new customers or there has been unusual behaviour on an account, we ask the customer to contact us to confirm their details and that you had fully read and understand our Terms & Conditions

How can I change the email address on my John Pye account?

You will need to contact the online chat team to change the email address on your account. You will need to confirm your
Full name
Old email address
New email address
Telephone number

Can I change the address on my John Pye account?

In order to change your address, you will need to contact our team through the online chat and confirm your
Full name,
Old address,
New address
Telephone number.

I cannot login to my bidding account

Some common causes for this are:

  1. Some devices add a space after the email address
  2. The website browser you are using can also affect this. Please try an alternative web browser.
  3. Your password is case and number sensitive. Make sure an O is not a 0 (zero) or a 1 is not an l (lowercase L)
  4. If your account hasn’t been used in a while it may be archived. Please contact the customer service team.

If all that fails, we can force a password reset on the account

Where can i find my buyer number?

You can find your Buyer Number at the top Left-hand corner of your invoice. It’s the shorter number.
Your invoice number is below that and is longer.  It will be a mixture of letters and numbers.

Where can I find my invoice number?

Your invoice number a mixture of letters and numbers and is in the top left hand corner of your invoice.